Alan Delmar · UI/UX Designer Alan Delmar
UI/UX Designer
Alan Delmar · UI/UX Designer

Meltdown / Garth's Great Escape

From September to December of 2017 I worked on the production of several mobile app games, adopting various roles throughout the three projects, with the majority of my roles being design and animation based. All games were developed through an agile team process, with heavy emphasis on testing and iteration. Weekly sprints were held to discuss progress of the projects.


Meltdown was a six-week project with Seamus Delaney, whereby he adopted mostly development roles, whilst I dealt mainly with design and animation. The story follows a nuclear plant worker who miraculously survives a Ground Zero meltdown, only to emerge from the bunker to find a strange new world. Using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Character Animator I developed a full assets pack, complete with animation spritesheets. The project culminated in a release onto the Google Play store and the production of a trailer with Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

Garth's Great Escape

Working in a group of four, this game was developed over two weeks. The team consisted of one programmer (Jamie Mulvaney) and three designers (Gillian Bowes, Angela Seoighe and myself) who coordinated our work through agile. I adopted the role of character designer, and developed our hero and his enemies through adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Character Animator. The game follows Garth the Carrot as he tries to escape the farm before being picked and sold to market.